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Swimming is your Secret to Raising a Confident Child

Self-confidence mainly is the perception of competence of oneself based on their accomplishments. At our swim school, we are so privileged to watch many of our children became more confident and self-assured as they learned and progressed to achieve new skills and goals EACH and EVERY lesson.

As parents, our natural instinct is to protect our child from all harm possible but we know the best way to nurture them and help them grow is always to equip them with skills and the abilities to make their own decisions, standing on their own ground.

Although each child is different, it is a CONFIRM + CHOP FACT that swimming can help enhance your child’s CONFIDENCE.

Let this bubbly, confident kid tell you WHY!

Please let Janesh show you how to swim #Butterfly in 1 'year' ??Swimming Butterfly is easy to learn but it is also the hardest to perform. We believe good fundamentals and a strong understanding on the basics always help to swim a beautiful Butterfly. So our advice to you if you are keen to learn this….. GET your #foundations SOLID! Then you will find swimming Butterfly is actually pretty easy.(P.S. just a lil more exhausting than the rest of the strokes only. ?).#LearnLikeAChamp#SwimLikeAChamp

Posted by WAHOO Swim School on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Discover the 3 reasons why swimming is a confidence booster!

1. Life-Saving Skill – Imagine in an untrained child’s eyes, jumping into the pool is like jumping out of the airplane. ?✈️? Developing water safety skills give them the confidence of facing their fear in a low impact environment and build confidence in the most unique way!

2. Believing in their own capabilities even MORE– It’s not just FUN when it comes to swimming but when your child gets a hang of what they can do in the water, it will certainly bring them to notice their potential. Bear in mind that having to be able to connect and coordinate every part of their tiny body to float, swim, and dive is NOT as easy as it seems! (even adults like us struggles with it)

3. Fitness, Stamina, Endurance = UPLEVEL! – Swimming works every part of your muscles, it improves coordination, balance, and flexibility. The fun part of it is that water allows children to exercise without even knowing it!

Are you ready to UNLEASH your child’s inner potential?