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April 2019

Baby/Toddler Swimming Program

After planning for over a year… we are pleased to announce that #BBAProgram has now officially launching it’s first class this March 2019! ?‍???

Our first BBA program was conducted 4 years ago, however we found that our first baby swimming program wasn’t able to deliver the objectives that we always wanted… that is helping babies and toddlers to be healthily confident in the water that contributes to improved cognitive function, muscles development and coordination & balancing abilities. Although, we might have swim throughout our entire life, this area of baby/toddler swimming requires another level of expertise and specialization in order to be delivering the objectives that we aimed for.

Hence, we have stopped our first swimming program after conducting it for over a year and continued to work on to research and study how we can run this program effectively and efficiently to achieve our key objectives for the program.

After about 2 years of studies and research, we have finally able to reach out to a consultation firm in Australia, lead by Ms. Robyn Grealy that specialises in baby swimming program and special needs swimming program.  It was a wonderful 1 year planning and working in our continuous  research and development effort, as the program in the western countries may not necessarily work here, especially in a totally different set of environment, culture and mindset.

Finally, after all the tweaking and re-designing of the BBA Program, we are proud to announce that BBA Program is now back in March 2019! We have already conducted 2 months of BBA Program here at Leaderland Kindergarten (Bukit Jambul) and we are pleased to share with you some of the updates of the program and photos we have taken over the past 1 month!

Upgraded Facilities:

  1. Water Quality – the pool is mainly used for BBA Program and our Pre-School swimming program. As for now, BBA classes are only available during the weekends hence the swimming pool will be closed on Friday for a complete cleaning and hygiene control work.
  2. Water Temperature – This should be the first outdoor swimming pool in the northern region where it is a heat and temperature controlled swimming pool! So all babies and toddlers can truly enjoy their experience in the water comfortably without feeling cold and uneasy!
  3. Floating island – There are 2 floating island installed in the swimming pool, where baby and toddler can stand confidently in the water while going through different activities that require them to be a little more independent and adventurous.. we also find out that the floating island sparks a lot of creative imagination and this definitely help in the development of cognitive functioning!
  4. More to come – more games and facilities will be introduced to make the program even more interesting! We are also looking at expanding the shower room so baby and parents can comfortably shower and change to prepare for their next destination of the day!

The benefits to both parent and baby. Also, why we call it Baby Bonding Aquatics Program:

  • Plenty of eye contact
  • Plenty of skin contact – it’s a wonderful way to bond with your baby
  • Helping you and your baby feel relaxed and confident in the water
  • Makes swimming a fun and socially stimulating activity (for both you and your baby!)
  • Even parents who can’t swim can enjoy relaxing in the water with their baby

Getting baby adapting to the class and the new environment!


Let your baby change while enjoying the beautiful view of the swimming pool and trees around the pool!

This program is actually focusing in educating the parents/caregivers as they are the one who will spend the most of the time with their children in the water. So it is very important that parents have the right knowledge and approach in introducing water to their children!

It is a step by step process.. so sit back, enjoy the journey and see how your child shines in the water!

For more information, please visit:

Interested parents, please be informed that you are required to attend a preview before joining the program. Register here for a free preview at:

Finally, the takeaway…

As long as you’re taking all the necessary precautions and giving your baby your undivided attention, swim time can be perfectly safe.

Another benefit to infant swimming is that it’s a wonderful parent-child bonding experience. In our hectic, fast-paced world, slowing down to simply enjoy an experience together is rare.

Swim time with our babies brings us into the present moment while teaching them important life skills. So grab your swim bag and wade in!