Life Saving Course

Life Saving Course & Life Saving Sports Team

You don’t have to work at a pool or be a professional lifeguard to be a lifesaver. In fact, in WAHOO Swim School, we believe that ‘Everyone can be a Lifesaver’.

There are many drowning cases each day, and you could make a big difference in guarding lives by taking our Life Saving Course! Our Life Saving Course provides a systematic way to learn lifeguarding according to Life Saving Society criteria, whose mission is to educate and pass on knowledge of aquatic life-saving abilities to as many people as possible.

Our courses are recognized in many countries around the world. The certificate is an entry-level professional qualification that can lead to an exciting career in the aquatic and recreation industry. The basic Life Saving Courses are extremely helpful to those that want to feel a little safer while swimming, and also for those who wish to be certified lifeguards and go on a mission of guarding and saving lives.