Our Philosophy

We believe that positive early experiences in our programs can create a lifetime of fun and confidence in water which is especially important in WAHOO Swim School.

Swimming and water safety is an essential life skills that all children and adults can master and enjoy with practice. Our goal is to produce skillful and safe swimmers through constant reinforcement, encouragement and repetition.

Rest assured, our bespoke swimming programs are fully supported by a team of passionate and certified swim coaches.

Swim like a Champ. Train like a Champ. Coach like a Champ.

You feel it the moment you walk in. Something different. It’s more than the environment chosen to inspire swimmers. More than a curriculum crafted to not only teach you to swim but also to build character through guided play and activities. More than a fun-filled place to learn and grow. There’s something more. Something intriguing. Something that propels WAHOO Swim School beyond typical. It’s passion.

A passion born since  we barely  able to walk properly, spending  most of our childhood in the water. Driven by our love for aquatic sports and a desire to deliver an unmatched “WAHOO Experience” for our swimmers!

Why Choose WAHOO?

WAHOO Swim School – Your Preferred Swim School is an accredited SwimAmercia licensed swim school.

SwimAmercia™ is a nationally certified learn to swim curriculum created by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), the largest swimming organization in the world. It’s the state of the art learn-to-swim program in the world today brought to you by the same coaches who have brought you the most successful sport team on the planet, the USA Olympic Swimming Team!

Variety of Aquatic Programs

  • All programs are from internationally acclaimed organisations
  • Variety of swim programs designed for all ages and for all backgrounds
  • Variety of elite programs designed for swimmers to be a pro in the world of aquatic sports

Equipments and Teaching Aids

  • Varied teaching tools to assist students with skill development
  • Specialized tools and equipment to help students to learn swimming effectively and efficiently

Student Progress Report

  • To track swimming progress of the student
  • Systematic approach in developing skills and strokes for the students.
  • Morale booster and motivational tool for student and parents


“From “Mummy please hold me tight, don’t let go of me, I’m scared”, she is now swimming on her own after completing JAWS holiday program. A big thank you to all the passionate coaches and you guys rock!!! Special thanks to all the coaches for your patience towards my lil’ talkative monster, Emeryn.”

Parent's Name: Grace Ho
Student's Name: Wilbur

“I had previously enrolled Wilbur to another academy for 9 months but he ended up learning nothing and was not showing any interest. When I found you guys recently and enrolled him to JAWS holiday program, Wilbur told me that he does not want to join just the night before the commencement of the programme. Luckily i was able to persuade him but he refused to go to the adult pool when he was there. With some force, he unwillingly joined the 1st session and turned out to explore fun. From then onwards, he looked forward to attend every session. I am delighted to see him able to swim for a short distance without the need of a floating equipment now. Thanks to the coaches for his patience towards my playful, cheeky boy. Now that JAWS holiday programme had marked its end, but this is not the end for Wilbur but only his beginning instead. He could not wait to meet the coaches again……..see u all later!”

Parent's Name: Selina Yeoh
Student's Name: Emeryn


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