Baby Swimming Lessons

Water stimulates all of the six senses in your baby and encourages co-ordination and motor skill development while they splash about. Parent and baby create quality bonding time and trust while learning a new skill.

Baby swimming lessons equip your newborn with a critical life-preserving skill, and it is also a fun and enthralling time for you and your family. This is especially true for first-time parents, as swimming with your baby is truly an amazing and valuable time for bonding, and it is probably the most memorable and thrilling activity you can do with your baby during that short, tender age.

According to a research conducted by Griffith University Australia, infants and babies who are involved in swimming during these formative years are more advanced in their cognitive and physical developments compared to their non-swimming peers. Additionally, the same research also revealed improvements to social skills and language development.

WAHOO conducts BBA program for infants between 6-36 months young. Yes, you heard that right. Infants are ready for the water from as little as 6 months young!

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