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Swim Like A Mermaid!

Little Mermaid (or Merman) Dream Come True!

Down here all the fish is happy!

Can’t believe that our childhood dream is coming to life!! ??‍♀️??‍♂️

At age 6, my mum put on “The Little Mermaid” on the TV, I’m utterly stunned and mesmerized by the red-headed mermaid.

AND NOW… You can now flip your hair and sing “Part of Your World”, take beautiful pictures and selfies at our 1st ever Mermaid Programme in Penang in collaboration with Mermaid Federation International (MFI).

Learn to swim gracefully and elegantly like little Ariel with the most professional instructors from MFI.
Not only that you get to be a CERTIFIED MERMAID or even MERMAN in this Mermaid Experience course.

What will you get in MFI 0 course?
-Content: Half-day (2 hours)
-Tentative Date: 12.12.2020 (Sat)
-Part 1: Land exercises (Fundamental theory, dry warmup, and stretching, photography session)
-Part 2: Pool exercises (Basic underwater mermaid movements)

-OPEN for both MALE and FEMALE

Get ready to TRANSFORM your

Ordinary Life to EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Yearning to set yourself FREE from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives?

We are ready to enjoy the wholesome journey of Mermaid-ing from beginner to being a MASTER MERMAID or… MERMAN with you!

?Pssstttt… the underwater world knows no gender!

Easy Swimming with Swim America


This technique-oriented swimming lessons emphasise on the effectiveness of stroke and techniques development. Hence, Swim America enables your child to learn as fast as they could possibly acquire a specific skill, without waiting for those who might need a longer time in development.


Every Swim America station will be specializing in a different skill set.

For example, students in Station 1 must be able to master skills a,b,c in order to proceed to Station 2 in which they will be learning d,e,f


Swim America program is introduced as we strongly believe that all learning should be individually-based.  Swim America allows learners to learn at their own pace with learners at the same level.


Swim America emphasizes on a goal-driven, technique-oriented swim lesson. Learners are well aware of their goal and skills to achieve in every station.


Is it Swimming from Penang?? to America??? No, you do not have to swim from here to America… Check out all about Swim America in the video below ⬇️

Are you often lost and confused about your child’s learning progress?



  • WAHOO Swim School is the first Swim America Accredited Swim School in Malaysia. 
  • Swim America program is introduced as we strongly believe that all learning should be individually-based.
  • Swim America is NOT your traditional learn-to-swim program in which students will be assessed and placed in the station according to their level and ability.
  • Swim America uses station method that emphasise on the effectiveness of stroke and techniques development.
  • Swim America emphasize on a goal-driven, technique-oriented swim lesson


SWIM AMERICA AFFIRMS & ACKNOWLEDGES each and every students’ progress
Students will be presented with a certificate, and a sticker will be given upon completion of each Station.

CONGRATULATIONS to our small but mighty, 8-year old, SWIM AMERICA Graduate, Joelle on being the FIRST to COMPLETE & GRADUATE from Swim America Program!

Earn all the Stickers to complete Swim America Program today just like little Joelle!

Learn-to-Swim in 8 days this holiday with J.A.W.S

Are you constantly worried about your child who doesn’t know how to swim when you are on a holiday?

Rather than staying stuck at home this school Holiday, why not take this opportunity to let your kids LEARN-TO-SWIM?

With JAWS Holiday Program, you can sit back and relax like a boss while supervising your kids around the water!

Why J.A.W.S Holiday Program?
Up to 99.99% of success rate to acquiring at least 1 stroke after JAWS
 Comprehensive program structure
 Learning through PLAY (NOT your traditional, strict, and dull swimming class)
 Water-safety skills

REGISTER NOW BEFORE 30 Nov 2020 to enjoy RM100 OFF!
Time : 9.30AM to 12.00PM (2 hours 30 mins per session)
 Duration : 8 sessions per intake


?Intake 1 : 21 DEC- 24 DEC 2020 & 28 DEC – 31 DEC 2020

? Intake 2 : 4 JAN – 7 JAN 2021 & 14 JAN – 14 JAN 2021

?‍♂ Age : Open for age 7-17 years old only

?‍♂Open for ALL LEVELS (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)


Swim your way out of Depression!

Do you know that swimming is one of the best ways to destress?

This pandemic has brought us to understand the impact of anxiety that is robbing our peace now more than ever. However, we want to bring your attention to the fact that you are worthy, and you are loved.

We understand how challenging it is to deal with an overwhelming sense of anxiety, so here are 4 keys to how you can WALK ON WATER:

-Seek help, talk to someone about the issue. 

Either it’s a close friend or a loved one, there’s always someone who is willing to listen and constructively pull you out of the situation.  If you are not comfortable talking with someone you know, there’s always a community out there who are willing to be there with you through this journey. 

  • BEFRIENDERS Hotline (Penang: 04-281 5161)

?There’s always a WAY out

-Understand the root of your anxieties, there can be many situations that bring up anxiousness. As we began to understand the root of our issues, it will help us combat the root of where that came from head-on. Anxiousness is often developed from overactive thoughts. Our thoughts determine our emotions, which will ultimately determine our actions. Surround yourself in a community that will help you grow and flourish. Never seek to resolve any issue despite how small it might seem alone because TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE.

A positive community will help one another up when the other falls, isn’t it apparent that “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”?

? Don’t be too hard on yourself, SET ATTAINABLE GOALS

If you were to write down some of your thoughts, you may be astounded that throughout the day that how much negativity or criticism you can be speaking over yourself. Let me ensure you, the thoughts that pass through our heads are not always true. Declare positivity and set measurable goals from today onwards! Give yourself grace that some days are difficult, do not let fear and worries silence your declaration.

Physical activities have been scientifically proven to increase endorphins level and reduce the negative effects of stress. On the positive side, it helps build up our cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems. That’s a total win, for sure!

Remember to BREATHE & TAKE TIME TO ACKNOWLEDGE your own mental health being.


Will Swimming Kill You During Covid-19?

One of the Question that we get most of the time during this pandemic season, “Is it SAFE to SWIM?”

Without a doubt, this is indeed a season that got everyone anxious about whether it will ever be safe to be out & around. How do we still remain SAFE and keep our body PHYSICALLY HEALTHY?

According to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical exercise such as skill-building drills at home and individual sports are considered as low-risk sports.

The risk of COVID-19 spread differs and vary according to the type of activity
Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/playing-sports.html

Low-risk sports: Individual running events, cross country with staggered starts, golf, sideline cheerleading, weightlifting, bowling, fishing, swimming individual, diving and bicycling as per recommended by the USOPC & CDC with necessary precautionary measures taken.  (Source: https://www.childrensmercy.org/health-and-safety-resources/information-about-covid-19-novel-coronavirus/returning-to-community-activities/recommendations-for-a-safe-return-to-sport-and-physical-activity-after-covid-19/)

Let’s check out what the World Health Organization (WHO)​ has to say about swimming during this Coronavirus pandemic?!

Q. Am I likely to get COVID-19 is I swim in a swimming pool?
Fact: Swimming in a well-maintained, properly chlorinated pool is safe. However, it is advisable to stay away from all crowded areas including crowded swimming pools. Keep 1-meter distance from people who sneeze or cough even in a swimming area.

(Image Source: https://www.who.int/southeastasia/outbreaks-and-emergencies/novel-coronavirus-2019/fact-or-fiction?fbclid=IwAR3Ov56onFn9r4u30HHdOWYu1pxXWtD4BDssqf5Kbh0kWasEUQDqGqsxDFk)

So, what are we doing to safeguard our community IN & AROUND the pool?

1) Monitoring water’s chlorine content every 2 hours

A pool that is “balanced” has proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. pH: 7.2-7.8, Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm, Chlorine levels should remain constant in the 1-3 ppm range.

2)  Swimmers RINSE OFF BEFORE & AFTER swimming, and leave immediately after swimming to avoid over-congestion at the toilet area.

3) REGULAR SANITIZATION of all equipment used. Swimming Equipment are SANITIZED Before & After every Swimming Lesson

4) SEGREGATED SWIM LANES & SWIMMING HOURS exclusively for WAHOO Swim School Students only. Afraid to be sharing a lane with the crowd or public? No worries! Our Swim school students can enjoy swim lanes and lesson area all to themselves! Not to mention, having a BIGGER SPACE to swim in comfort during this season as we have widened up our swim stations to put social-distancing into practice

Segregated lanes and social distancing during swimming

5) CROWD CONTROL & CLASS SIZE CONTROL: Limiting the number of people allowed in the pool & Limiting the NUMBER of Students in one class

Crowd control and physical distancing during swim lessons

6) REPLACEMENT CLASS REQUEST: Swimmers who are sick/ not feeling well/ in contact with people who have been suspected to contract Covid-19/ just traveled back from domestic or international travels would be permitted with replacement class based on submission replacement class for SELF-QUARANTINE purposes.

7) PREVENTATIVE MEASURE: All Coaches are required to have their health checked from time-to-time. All Coaches are required to have their FACE SHIELDS on during classes.

Up, down, left, right EVERYWHERE we SANITIZE.
Fly, back, breast, free every stroke we SOCIAL DISTANCING.


We also scared to expose ourselves out there knowing that there’s a risk of getting our loved ones infected, you know?!

So, stop speculating, and come to see for yourself.

Swimming is your Secret to Raising a Confident Child

Self-confidence mainly is the perception of competence of oneself based on their accomplishments. At our swim school, we are so privileged to watch many of our children became more confident and self-assured as they learned and progressed to achieve new skills and goals EACH and EVERY lesson.

As parents, our natural instinct is to protect our child from all harm possible but we know the best way to nurture them and help them grow is always to equip them with skills and the abilities to make their own decisions, standing on their own ground.

Although each child is different, it is a CONFIRM + CHOP FACT that swimming can help enhance your child’s CONFIDENCE.

Let this bubbly, confident kid tell you WHY!

Please let Janesh show you how to swim #Butterfly in 1 'year' ??Swimming Butterfly is easy to learn but it is also the hardest to perform. We believe good fundamentals and a strong understanding on the basics always help to swim a beautiful Butterfly. So our advice to you if you are keen to learn this….. GET your #foundations SOLID! Then you will find swimming Butterfly is actually pretty easy.(P.S. just a lil more exhausting than the rest of the strokes only. ?).#LearnLikeAChamp#SwimLikeAChamp

Posted by WAHOO Swim School on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Discover the 3 reasons why swimming is a confidence booster!

1. Life-Saving Skill – Imagine in an untrained child’s eyes, jumping into the pool is like jumping out of the airplane. ?✈️? Developing water safety skills give them the confidence of facing their fear in a low impact environment and build confidence in the most unique way!

2. Believing in their own capabilities even MORE– It’s not just FUN when it comes to swimming but when your child gets a hang of what they can do in the water, it will certainly bring them to notice their potential. Bear in mind that having to be able to connect and coordinate every part of their tiny body to float, swim, and dive is NOT as easy as it seems! (even adults like us struggles with it)

3. Fitness, Stamina, Endurance = UPLEVEL! – Swimming works every part of your muscles, it improves coordination, balance, and flexibility. The fun part of it is that water allows children to exercise without even knowing it!

Are you ready to UNLEASH your child’s inner potential?

Learn Swimming in 10 Days!!!

LEARN-TO-SWIM in 10 DAYS this summer!!!

If you are looking for a traditional, strict, and dull swimming class, please scroll down to avoid disappointment. ?

Why J.A.W.S Holiday Program?

✅ Up to 99.99% of success rate acquiring at least 1 stroke after JAWS

✅ Comprehensive program structure

✅ Learning through PLAY

✅ Water-safety skills OPEN FOR SIGN UP NOW!!!

?‍♂ Age: Open for age 7-17 years old only

⏰ Time: 9.30am to 12.00pm (2 hours 30 mins per session)

? Venue: SETIA SPICE Aquatic Centre

⏳ Duration: 10 sessions per intake

? Intake 1: 3 Aug-7 Aug 2020; 10 Aug-14 Aug 2020 (Monday to Friday)

? Intake 2: 17 Aug-21 Aug 2020; 24 Aug-28 Aug 2020 (Monday to Friday)

?‍♀️Open for ALL LEVELS (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Learn more https://bit.ly/JAWSHolidayProgram

Is your child safe at home?

Having spent almost 24/7 at home daily during this lockdown period for the past 2 months, we realized that there’s actually a lot of hazards around the house that might just slip our minds.  Here are some water-safety tips to keep you and your child safe at home.

Fact: People can drown in just 2cm of water! So, remember not to leave your child unsupervised in baths. What can you do? Empty bathtubs after every use!

You never know when your child decides that the washing machine might be a good hiding place. What can you do? Install a child lock on the doors.

Falling into washbasins might not only cause near-drowning, but it might also cause brain and head injuries. What can you do? Remove the plug and keep washbasins empty after use.

A bucket of water might seem far from being a water hazard but you will never know what might happen when you leave your child unsupervised. What can you do? Empty the buckets and keep the buckets away when it’s not in use

Having a fish pond around the house might be for recreational purposes or for some, it might be for “feng-shui” purposes. Don’t let this become a disaster when your younglings happen to fall into it. What can you do? Install isolation fences with self-closing and self-latching gates around

Your child might have fun running around the house, exploring every nooks and corner. They might come across the water tank installed and fall unexpectedly into the tank. What can you do? Make it accessible emergency shut-off for pump

The tropical weather year-round in Malaysia especially during this lockdown period has led a lot of people to purchase their very own inflatable paddle pool for their child at home. Are you one of them? What can you do? Keep your children supervised when they are playing in the paddle pool. Remember to empty it and put away after use.

You might have a splash pool around your condo or clubhouse. It might also be a vacation in a hotel or water-parks. Have you ever thought of the dangers in within on top of the fun that you are about to experience? There are estimated 4174 people on average each year are treated in hospital emergency departments for non-fatal drowning injuries in recreational water settings, over 65% of these cases occurred in swimming pools and over 52% were in children under the age of 5 (CDC, 2004). It might be a near-drowning experience, it might also be an injury caused when sliding down the ginormous water-slide that seems unthreatening at first glance. What can you do? Educate your child on the possible water hazards before letting them off to play. Safeguard your child by keeping a close eye on them. When we say supervise, it means undivided attention on your child’s every movement with them in sight and proximate distance (aka putting away our phones).

A number of drowning deaths have also occurred after the body or a limb has been held against a drain by the suction of the circulation pump, typically between the ages of 8 and 16 years. (CPSC, undated) Being confined in a closed space might lead your lil ones to play with open drains, inserting hands or feet into the pipe, and then becoming trapped with the resulting suction. What can you do? Regular checks on the locked safety covers. Ensure the accessibility to emergency shut-off for pump and emergency services.

Contributory factors to drowning in hot-tubs: 1) Hair entrapment, 2) Alcohol consumption, 3) High water temperatures Believe it or not, over the period of 5 years (1999-2003) there were 1,676 Americans reported having drowned in a tub ( Scripps Howard News Service, 2018). Approximately one-third of these were drownings of children under five years of age (CPSC, undated). What can you do? Maintaining water temperature in hot tubs below 40 °C. Install Grilles/pipes on drain gates preclude hair entrapment. Continuous parental/caregiver supervision of children. Restriction of use when alcohol is likely to be consumed.

All in all, we can show you the stats and studies recurring around drowning and near-drowning but the best prevention is always early education and awareness on water safety.

The good news is, we have made it possible to enable your child to learn to get WATER-SMART & HEALTHY AT HOME! Get in touch with us via https://bit.ly/WOOPSWhatsApp to LEARN how you can get RM200 worth of FREEBIES on top of the 80% OFF your program fee NOW!!!

WAHOO Swim School X Setia SPICE Aquatic Centre Safety Measures

Setia SPICE Aquatic Centre SOP during RMCO Effective 1st July 2020

Setia SPICE游泳中心复苏期管制令将于2020年7月1日生效  Setia SPICE Aquatic Centre SOP  semasa PKPP Berkuatkuasa Pada 1st Julai 2020

✍?1) REGISTER at the reception before entry


Sila DAFTAR di meja Resepsi sebelum masuk

?2) ALL swimmers MUST RINSE BEFORE entering the pool


SEMUA Perenang MESTI BASAHKAN DIRI sebelum masuk ke dalam kolam.

?‍♀️3) Maximum 5 pax per lane


Maksimum 5 orang untuk setiap lorong

?4) Toilet and Shower rooms at Splash pool area are open exclusively for WAHOO swimmers ONLY


Bilik tandas dan Bilik Mandi di kawasan Kolam Pancuran, dibuka khas untuk Para Perenang WAHOO Swim School SAHAJA.

?‍?‍?‍?5) Crowd control and Physical Distancing imposed


Kawalan kesesakan ramai dan Jarak Fizikal dikenakan

WAHOO Swim School Pool Layout for Learn-To-Swim Classes

? WEEKDAYS (Mon-Fri  星期一星期五   Isnin-Jumaat):
⏰ 8.00am-5.00pm (open for NON-WAHOO, max capacity at 50 pax 开放给于公众,限定最多50人. Di buka untuk BUKAN PERENANG WAHOO, maksimum 50 orang)

5.00pm- 7.30pm (OPEN FOR WAHOO swimmers only) <POOL is CLOSED for NON-WAHOO swimmers> (仅开放给于WAHOO学生)<不对外开放> ( DIBUKA UNTUK PERENANG WAHOO sahaja ) < KOLAM DITUTUP pada BUKAN PERENANG 

⏰ 7.30pm- 10.30pm (only lane 2 lanes open for NON-WAHOO swimmers, max capacity at 20 pax) (只开放2条泳道给于公众,限定最多20人)(hanya 2 lorong dibuka untuk BUKAN PERENANG WAHOO , maksimum 20 orang)

? WEEKENDS (Sat-Sun 星期六星期日  Sabtu- Ahad):
8.00am- 10.00am (OPEN FOR WAHOO swimmers only) <POOL is CLOSED for NON-WAHOO swimmers> 仅开放给于WAHOO学生)<不对外开放> ( DIBUKA UNTUK PERENANG WAHOO sahaja ) < KOLAM DITUTUP pada BUKAN PERENANG 

⏰ 10.00am- 6.00pm (Lane 1,2, 8, 9, 10 for WAHOO swimmers) (only lane 3 to lane 7 open for NON-WAHOO swimmers, max capacity at 30 pax) (1、2、8、9、10泳道仅开放给WAHOO学生而已)(3至7泳道仅开放给于公众,限定最多为30人) ( Lorong 1,2,8,9,10 untuk PERENANG WAHOO ) ( hanya lorong 3 dan 7 dibuka untuk BUKAN PERENANG WAHOO maksimum 30 orang )

⏰ 6.00pm- 10.30pm (only lane 3 to lane 7 open for NON-WAHOO swimmers, max capacity at 50 pax) (仅开放3至7泳道给于公众,限定最多为50人)( hanya lorong 3 hingga 7 DIBUKA kepada BUKAN PERENANG WAHOO maksimum 50 orang )

Watch this 2 minutes video and learn at least 5 important information to help you swim safely whenever you are in and around the swimming pool!


Tonton video berdurasi 2 minit ini dan pelajari sekurang-kurangnya 5 maklumat penting untuk membantu anda berenang dengan selamat setiap kali anda berada di dalam dan di sekitar kolam renang!

1. Wear a mask! (before and after swimming) 游泳前后都必须穿上口罩 Pakai penutup hidung dan mulut ( sebelum dan selepas berenang )

2. Scan temperature & Check-in using MySejahtera App  扫描注册使用MYSejahtera App Periksa suhu imbasan anda dan daftar masuk ke MySejahtera App

3. Check your station (to know where your class is) 查看班位 Periksa stesen anda ( bagi mengetahui dimana kelas anda )

4. Got a question? (Call us or meet us virtually in ZOOM!) ~ZOOM ID is available at all common area 有任何疑问可用ZOOM视屏与我们连络 或电联 (ZOOM ID可在公共区域获取)Ada sebarang pertanyaan? ( Hubungi kami atau temui kami secara di atas talian maya melalui ZOOM! ) ~ ZOOM ID terdapat di semua kawasan umum

5. Rinse only. No Shower. 清洗而已不可沐浴 Bilas sahaja. Mandi tidak dibenarkan

As we resume our classes and training, the safety and well being of all our swimmers, parents, visitors and WAHOO team members are our TOP priority. We have followed all required procedures and on top of that have also made an enhancement to the SOPs to secure all necessary preventive measures in our school to not only ensure everyone’s safety but also made full use of its convenience and practicality.

Check out what we are doing at WAHOO Swim School during this RMCO season to ensure your safety in and around the pool

We hope our swim school remains a safe and happy place for you and your family. As there will be certain changes whenever we see there is a need for improvement, hence please stay tuned for more updates!

You know how to SWIM but do you know how to SURVIVE?


Your child might know how to swim but do they know what to do in times of need?

Don’t worry, WOOPS is here!
This program aims to educate your child about the LOGIC, SCIENCE, and the RELEVANCE behind all the skills and knowledge they learned at the pool by using technology to educate through visual illustration on settings that your child will be exposed to on a daily basis.

What is WOOPS?
✅ WAHOO Optimal Online Program (Swimming)
✅ 10 Progressive Levels
✅ Swimming drills and simulation practice
✅ Water-safety
✅ Swim Science
✅ Specially curated lessons aligned with our Learn-To-Swim Program

Believe it or not, we are now basically doing this program for FREE!!!

Get in touch with us via https://bit.ly/WOOPSWhatsApp to LEARN how you can get RM200 worth of FREEBIES on top of the 80% OFF your program fee!!!