WAHOO SWIM SCHOOL Replacement Class Request Form

By October 16, 2019WAHOO Swim School

At Wahoo Swim School, we are always committed to providing the best swimming experience for all of our students. Do not let the circumstances to control your learning!

Do note that you will be required to submit necessary documents like medical certificate, school program note etc. in order to request a replacement class. 

WSS Replacement classes are only allowed for the following reasons:

1. Monthly menstrual cycles(allowed for female students, once a month only – just submit a note indicating the estimated duration)

2. Medical reasons (supporting documents like medical certificate/note required)

3. School/ Work event/ Vacation (supporting documents like program note, school letter etc. required ONE-MONTH prior to the date of absence )

For other circumstances, feel free to contact our Customer Support team at this +6016-5580107 for further advice. 

Once your replacement request has been approved, replacement slots will be sent out for your selection via WhatsApp. 

Do note that ALL replacement classes approved by the management has to be completed within 2 months from the Date of Submission.

Click here to submit your WSS Replacement Request


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